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Monday, January 14, 2013

To Town I Go! (1/10/13)

I love hanging out with the group of moms but having an infant makes my ability to meet up a little difficult. Today the moms were meeting at Blue park at 10. My typical 'cat-napper' slept for an hour and a half and woke up at 10! By the time we nursed, got dressed and down to the park people were starting to go home for lunch... A little bit of time is better than no time though.

I needed to meet Chris at the main entrance of base to get my guest pass. Some of the wives were taking the shuttle but since it was a beautiful day I wanted to walk and take the train. The quickest way to the train involves a couple flights of stairs! I watched friends bounce their strollers down those stairs countless times but still a little nerve wracking once I was doing it with my sweet cargo.

When I got on the train an elderly man kept insisting I sit down (seats in this section are intended for the elderly, pregnant, and mothers). I smiled and tried to convey I was fine standing, Yokosuka-Chuo is the 3rd stop, but at the second stop he insisted once more so I did.

When I got off at my stop I saw that the elevator was broken! I asked one of the train conductors at the platform if there was another one but I don't believe he understood so I started walking to the stairs and he followed. I then caught on that he was going to help me carry the stroller down the stairs! He wanted me to take Gabriel out but I said he was fine.

When I met Chris to get my visitor's pass he told me we have keys to our new apartment to pick up! When we got the keys we learned that we were moving from under the stompers/jumpers to above them! Too funny.

We had dinner at our favorite Indian place, Nirvana. It's a pretty steep and skinny staircase to get down to it so we had to collapse the stroller and carry G down in our arms. The place only sits about 20-25 people.

The train was fairly full for the ride home, fun packing a stroller on...

Our friends from home arrived tonight! They have a son who is just 30 hours older than Gabriel! Born the day before! It will be fun to watch those two grow and develop while here!

Tomorrow will be moving day!

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