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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet Endings (1/9/13)

Last night was terrible... It took us over three hours to fall asleep because of the loud noise upstairs. It set in this morning that we were going to be here for 5 months... Chris fortunately was able to submit a room change request which was accepted so we will be moving apartments in the next couple days. Gabriel was also woken up during 2 of his naps because of the loud booming... It's day time, kids will be kids but the kicker was when G was fighting his last nap, because he was over tired due to his other naps being interrupted, the upstairs neighbor got on us for being too loud. Grr.

Just a little walk around the neighborhood today and yet another trip to the dollar store for some more bins to separate trash. The garbage pick-up process here is very specific. We have a calendar with color-coded days representing different garage pick ups (combustibles, incombustables, plastic, glass, etc). The garbage man also sounds like the ice cream man which I totally forgot!

Chris brought me home a mixing bowl and a hand mixer! He is so good to me, I didn't even think to ask for a hand mixer! Back home I use my Kitchen Aid practically everyday, some times twice a day! Not having my stocked kitchen is quite the transition for me but boy does the hand mixer make a BIG difference! We celebrated by making our favorite cookies: white chocolate butterscotch! The cookies also helped as a comfort after our rocky day. ;)

Something fun did happen, Gabriel laughed while playing on his own! Chris was in the bedroom, I was baking and Gabriel was under that play-yard laughing! What a sweet ending to our day.


  1. I hope that your sleeping improves when you move. Those beds probably aren't helping either ;)

    1. Haha, actually the beds don't bother us all too much! We're still sleeping on the mattress we got from you guys because that was better than the mattress we had!


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