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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sunday Fun with Friends (1/13/13)

Today was the first day we got to hangout with our new friends Rachel and Dane, the couple who have a baby a day older than Gabriel! The night they came in we had mentioned the Officer's Club buffet brunch to them and they loved the sound of it so we went again this Sunday! We gave Gabriel a piece of honey dew to suck on after we saw their little one chowing down on one. At first he was cautious but then slowly got into it! This is the first taste of something that he has actually responded positively too. Rachel and I were discussing that the babies probably like it because it is cold and sweet!

We did a little shopping at the NEX and then split ways for a few hours; they went to the commissary to grocery shop and Chris and I explored More Mall a bit.

While in the stores you tend to see quite a bit of English written on articles of clothing, purses and such but most of the time it doesn't really make sense...

Rather than doing Chapel this morning we instead met back up with Rachel and Dane and began a sermon series on John from our old church back in Pullman! We're super excited to be apart of Resonate again while we're here in Japan. Brought us a lot of comfort watching Keith preach again and seeing our friend Josh getting ready to lead worship towards the end of the sermon. It was also great to have another couple to talk to after the sermon, to process with and dig deeper!

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