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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Saturday Mini Adventures (1/12/13)

WOW! I cannot tell you how peaceful it was last night not being kept awake by booming feet! Yes, we do have upstairs neighbors with children but did not experience any running and jumping from the hours of 8-mid night!

We headed to base today to hit up the second hand store to find a jumper for G but first we hit up the bakery and enjoyed out picks outside the Daiei mall. My mini quiche tart thingy had shrimp, broccoli, macaroni, and cheese, Chris got a raisin bun. Chris was great and mine wasn't so bad either, though kinda strange.

As we walked down the Honch headed towards the mall we believe we passed by some Japanese Mafia! There was about 7 guys walking in a row spanning the entire width of the road each dressed very nice in suits wearing dark sunglasses! Sunglasses are typically only worn by the mafia here.

I love visiting the Daiei mall! This mall is so fun to walk through. I was ready to take a bunch of pictures of the items we found but noticed a sign on the outside of the mall that said no cameras. They have a great little craft store that I am sure I'm gonna visit quite often and a lot of sweet baby/child boutiques!

I had it in my head that we would easily find a jumper at Second Hand Rose but there was hardly anything... Online shopping it is!

Yet again we did a big grocery trip, quite the process to stock up the pantry!

We ended the night with practicing Japanese from an app Chris found on his i-phone. Brought about more laughter than learning. I said two days ago that my goal was to learn one word or phrase a day... so far I'm two days behind! Eek!

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