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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rain Rain (1/22/13)

Wet day! I had plans to travel to base with some of the other wives to visit the second hand shop but we all cancelled. When it dried up Gabriel and I got outside for a bit!

Chris brought home an egg crate for our mattress! And in return I baked some of his favorite cookies. Chris also brought home the movie Twilight... Oh yes, finally watched it and was actually very disappointed. I was warned about this though, that the book would be better, had to watch it anyways! Now that the hype is over I'm finally reading them and watching the movies along the way.

After I brushed my teeth and went to get into bed a birthday present was sitting on my side! Chris got me a new lens for our camera! He said that from his research that it is considered the best "affordable" lens so traveling! It actually zooms unlike the one we currently have! Yahoo!


  1. I'm so sorry for Chris having to watch Twilight. You guys could have just looked at the abridged version...


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