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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out of Rice? (1/19/13)

WOW another 9.5 hours straight of sleep! His naps were averaging about 1-1.5 hours during the day too however that wasn't the case today... A mere 20 minutes after taking about an hour to put him down. Total off day today. Chris went into work and I planned to meet him afterwards.

When I met Chris near the ship he told me that he might get tomorrow off! That he'll be waiting for a call tonight after the swing shift to confirm! Fingers crossed!

We headed towards blue street to meet some Dane and Rachel to check out a new restaurant called Pepper Lunch. When we walked in we were told they didn't have an rice... No RICE?! How does an asian restaurant run out of rice? The other people sitting in the joint (all who happened to be American) looked at us in agreement that that was rather strange. We then headed to try CoCo Curry. Verdict: tasty.

Waiting for the Train.

Pepper Lunch.
After dinner we showed our friends the Daiei mall! They were in search of a humidifier and we just love walking that mall, obviously... I seem to talk about it all the time.

Tomorrow we will find the Godzilla park!

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