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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Precious Family (1/18/13)

Ergo-ed it down to Blue Street to meet Kelli at a park! When I use the Ergo I can't easily bring our big camera so I use the iPhone. However my phone was full so I couldn't take any! It was great to hangout with Kelli, we both lived in Sakura the last time I was in Japan but now she is in a different apartment complex.

After our little park date I strolled some shops with my sleeping baby and made my way back home. The little man work up briefly on the train. He locked eyes with an elderly Japanese woman who was so tickled by him! His nap continued when he got home.

Chris has already been working over time. We knew going into this trip that it was going to be more work than what he would have at home, which is also lot. Chris has a great job but it demands a lot of him and his coworkers because it is difficult with a lot of responsibility. He came home tonight, after working overtime, informing me that he'll have to work this weekend. The guys get assigned to different weekends and some weekends there is work to be done so they have to go in and other weekends there isn't. Although the guys assigned to last weekend didn't need to go in, the guys assigned to this weekend do, it's just the way it is. However, though Chris works long stressful days he still comes home and gets on the floor to play with his son. Gabriel lights up as soon as Chris comes home in the evenings. G can be a fuss-monster but turn immediately into a bundle of joy as soon as he locks eyes with his papa. Seeing Chris as a father make me well up with tears of happiness! The way Chris sees Gabriel as a source of joy and finds relaxation in playing with him after work makes my heart sing.

Love these boys more than anything!

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