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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moving Day! (1/11/13)

Chris told me that if I had the chance, to pack up some of our things into suitcases so he could move them upstairs when he got home from work. I packed up what I could in suitcases and my sweet friend Elise came over to help me pack our stuff upstairs! I spent the day wearing Gabriel in the Ergo going up and down the elevator and managed to get about 95% of our stuff moved before Chris even got home! The apartments look exactly alike besides the fact that our first apartment had a couch covered in material and our new apartment has a couch covered in pleather, I prefer the pleather because it is easier clean up! Rather strange moving from one apartment to the exact same apartment... I sometimes forgot which unit I was actually in!

Here is our new place all organized! It's a little plain but we'll slowly work on that. The walls are concrete so you can't really hang anything up but I have investing in some sticky hooks! And by invested I mean bought some at the 100 yen store. ;)

Our bedroom. 

Bathroom attached to bedroom.

Gabriel's room! The bed is used as one big changing table... He has a bathroom attached to his room too but we don't use it. His balcony attaches to ours. 
Gabriel's Corner. Tried to bring touches of home this time, you'll see a picture frame and scentsy next to the TV.

Valentines Bunting! First craft while here in Japan! 

Hallway of storage! 

Tiny kitchen but two fridges! The washer/dryer are on the right. 


  1. Lena, I am so jealous of your dryer!! Does it work well? We've looked into buying one here, but from what we've read they don't work that well.

    1. Yea! It does work, just takes FOREVER! It stops and goes so it is nicer on your clothes but makes doing laundry take quite awhile.


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