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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mission: Find 'Walmart' (1/8/13)

This morning a group of us moms met at one of the parks! It was nice getting to put faces to names I have heard, wonderful woman. Gabriel has been clingy so at first I wasn't sure if he would let me go but then I remembered the Ergo! What a beautiful invention, strapped him on and out the door we went! He even got a little nap in while snuggled.

Definitely a cuddle day with the little man. Though he is sleeping and napping alright (when he isn't being woken up by upstairs neighbors) he has been very clingy during the day. I am sure it is a mix of things: development, travel, new place, doesn't have a lot of his "things"...  He got such a big fit of giggles today while I was pretending to eat his hands, so cute. I do cherish our cuddle times but and try not too see his desire to be near me as bothersome when I'm trying to cook dinner, do laundry, or clean the house. They are only going to last a short while and someday I'm gonna wish I was cuddling my sweet baby boy rather than cooking or cleaning!

Later in the day Gabriel was in good enough spirits to go on a walk. Last time I was here I found the 'Walmart' a mile or so away while on a walk. I got there in a rather round about fashion so I wanted to try it find a way there a little more direct. Along the way I enjoyed seeing the orange trees that I loved so much last time, as well as my favorite hidden park and of course the signs!

I came to a point in my walk where I could either go, left, right or forward. I went left and this took me away from the Walmart. I later learned that if I went forward or right that I would have gotten there. Leave it to me to take the only path that wouldn't get me to where I wanted to be.

It isn't actually called Walmart, it's called Seiyu but it is a Walmart filled with the 'Great Value' brand. Instead of the yellow smiley face they have a rather large blond woman eating.

It felt great getting out, sunny weather and just above 50'f! So nice.

Our evening didn't end as well though unfortunately. Chris and I had a terribly time going to sleep. We go to bed around 8 and from 8-11+ at night a couple kids upstairs run stomp laps around their room and jump off their bed. Chris eventually went upstairs to say something, it did quiet down afterwards but it was also going on midnight so the kids were probably (we would think) finally winding down for the night? This has been a problem every night since getting here but last night it finally was super difficult because we aren't as jet-lagged tired any more. Gabriel has also been woken by the literal booming. Pitter-Patter of little feet is one thing, but this sounds like grown men jumping around! We've talked about requesting a room change... Praying that goes through!


  1. A few things: I love the photos of you and Gabriel! I am also so glad you feel safe walking around the city by yourself. What is up with the big smiling lady at Walmart? That's def. different! Oh, and there is seriously nothing that makes me more upset than when someone wakes up my baby. You need to get mama-bear on those upstairs folks! :)

    1. Thanks Andrea! As I am sure you know, it is so fun to take pictures with these little guys! Yokosuka is a very safe place! You see little kindergarten children riding trains by themselves all the time!


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