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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello Mt. Fuji! (1/6/13)

Saturday was a super early night, 6:30pm for G and 8:30pm for us! This of course translated to a 5:30am wake up for us all on Sunday. Though early, we were treated with a view of Mt. Fuji from our bedroom balcony.

He's getting used to being bundled so much!
Gabriel was off to a rough morning so we initially decided we would stay home but after a good nap Gabriel was feeling pretty good so we made our way to the chapel on base to attend the general protestant service. We want to be more intentional this year in how we connect with Christ while in Japan. Last time around we faltered on how much time we spent in the word and being engaged in our spiritual relationships. We hadn't heard great things about chapel so we immediately wrote it off. This time we decided to try it for ourselves... but learned that the opinions we heard were fairly accurate. It's not that the church is bad, it's just not us and though we want to be connected we do not to be doing it just so we can 'check it off' our spiritual to-do list (no we don't actually have one of those). As of this point we're instead going to be keeping up with our church from home's video casts.

Through his teeth, "The train is here Lena..."
The original plan was to buy some household goods and more groceries after church but on our walk to the chapel we saw that the Officer's Club buffet brunch was going on... so we of course went to brunch after church and before shopping. We didn't make it to brunch until 2 months into the trip last time, which we regretted after experiencing it, so good! 

Once again, while sitting waiting for Chris to buy groceries Gabriel was played with, held, touched, and even kissed! 

It was another quiet night of settling and The Big Bang Theory. Gabriel had a bath and went to bed at 7pm, and us at 8pm. We're gonna miss Chris when he starts work in the morning. It's been nice having him around for a couple weeks. Love our family time. 


  1. So nice to hear you are all settling in! I can't wait to see what you do to your apartment there or what crafts you get into! Have fun!

    1. I miss my sewing machine!!!! But still managing to be crafty! ;) Are you working on anything new right now?! Etsy yet?! :)


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