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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Godzilla Park, Kurihama (1/20/13)

We got a call last night saying he didn't need to go into work today! Yahoo! We have been hearing a lot about a Godzilla park just a train station away so Chris looked it up last night and we headed there today!

We walked to the bus stop thinking that would be faster but once we got there we saw we had a 15 minute wait for the bus. The weather was great and we're walkers anyways so we decided to veto the bus and head to Kurihama on foot! It would have been silly to wait for the bus because it wound up passing us just as we got to Kurihama by walking. 

The Godzilla park is about 2.5 miles from our place and part of the Kurihama flower world. It was a beautiful day and this was a walk Chris didn't do last time. I on the other hand did this exact walk just hours before the earthquake. The walk in that respect was a little strange to me.

Entrance to Flower world is part way up a pretty long hill and at the top is the Godzilla park. At the entrance you can hop onto a train that will take you to the top for 200yen but we wanted to walk.

The flowers are not in bloom yet but it will be quite the sight once they are!

The Godzilla park was pretty spectacular. Chris and I as adult got pretty excited when we saw it and dream of one day taking our kid(s) here when they are old enough to remember and enjoy it! For the time being I guess we'll just have to play.

Here is a video of a slide we went on. Sorry it is sideways, couldn't figure out how to flip it!

We loved this sign that was at the entrance of the park. Totally understand the kite flying but fishing?...

And just to give you a visual of how far we walked here is a picture of our apartments from the park! 

Afterwards we found some ramen and stumbled across a craft store!

We came home pretty tired. We're planning on heading to Sea Paradise tomorrow with Dane and Rachel! Better get some good rest tonight! 

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