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Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Day Solo (1/7/13)

Today was Chris's first day of work. He woke up around 4:30, I got up a few minutes later and baby was up at 5:15. We're on quite an early schedule after traveling but I sorta like it. When Chris usually works days I have a hard time going to bed at the same time as him because of baby and I myself not being tired, so we welcome this change.

We made our way across the street to the grocery store and the 105yen store. It used to be a 100yen shop a few years ago but now some things have different prices but if there isn't a price tag it is a 105yen. Kinda like how there are dollar stores and dollar etc stores in the US, it's now a dollar etc store. I needed to get some tubs to organize some of Gabriel things, some tupperware, tools for crafting (making a valentines bunting, sharing later!), chopsticks, and Kleenex. Love the dollar store. It was also fun going into the grocery store and knowing where to go to get what I needed! I do miss the size of American grocery stores, especially the amount of food you can buy, like 20lb bags of potatoes! The commisary is a poor place to buy produce. A friend of mine here said her husband picked up some apples and when she cut into one for her kiddos it was rotten! The local produce is really nice but comes in small quantities and is rather pricey. I wonder if the pricing has something to do with the crazy packaging! A fun surprise was the Milk Tea! I LOVED this stuff last time and totally forgot about it, had to snatch up a bottle of it to share with Chris.

Gabriel had a really hard evening. For the last couple weeks we have reverted back to nursing to sleep. At the time it was what was best because we had packing and traveling! However, now that we are settled once more it is back to our eat-play-sleep routine. By the time he went to bed he had been up for 5 hours and cried for the last hour. We'll get there though!

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