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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ergo Baby (1/16/13)

It was so much nicer walking down the stairs to the train with G strapped in rather than bouncing him down in the stroller! Felt sorta strange carrying a baby on my front and a backpack on my back though! It also got a lot warmer than I expected it to get!

We once again walked the Daiei mall. I picked up a few things at the craft store this time and found some more Washi Tape! Found one roll of map print which I saw on Etsy for twice as much and it's the exact same roll! Looks like people are buying it over here then doubling the price to sell it on Etsy...

We had dinner at Thai Erwan. We ate here quite a bit last time and sadly we were not served by the man with all the awesome tattoos. Different help than I remember, even the cook. Gabriel is at a point where we just can't eat successfully with him on our laps! He reaches for everything on our plate, fork and even goes after our mouth! It's funny, I didn't want to take him out when he was younger because I thought it would be too difficult, in hindsight that would probably been easier! The server gave him a plastic mug with a little water in it to distract him and he actually used the straw!

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