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Monday, January 21, 2013

ECing (1/17/13)

Today was a very exciting day for me as a mom because today was a very successful first day of EC! Now before I talk about what EC is I have to preface that this blog post is not for all audiences for reasons consisting of lack of interest. In which case you can skip passed the italicized text.

The book I am reading.
EC stands for elimination communication. See where I am getting yet? Much like how mommies can be in tune with when their babies need to eat or sleep based on their behavior the idea is is that parents can also be in tune with their child's need to go to the bathroom. The average age in the United States for a child to be potty trained is now 3 years old while the rest of the world is 18 months (which was the average age of Children in the US in the 40's before the large push for disposable). The reason for this is because a majority of the world practices EC (disposable diapers are far too expensive), especially Asian cultures. The idea of having Gabriel potty trained by 18 months is super exciting to me!

Hardcore ECers will tell you that it isn't potty training, it's just potty communication but I believe an association will develop over time. Personally as of right now I don't necessarily rely on communication but rather routine. After a nap, after nursing and before napping I set him on his toilet trainer seat on the actual toilet and he has gone more times on the toilet than his diaper on our very first day! It's funny what kind of experiences seem rewarding once you become a parent! 

Gabriel slept 9.5 hours straight last night! He was in great spirits so I thought I'd Ergo it down to base to meet Chris. As I was getting G into the Ergo he had a mini melt down so I had to switch to the Stroller. The stroller was such a hassle compared to the day before with the Ergo! I headed out with Rachel and her son. We stopped by the Hallmark type store to pick up some cards. The elevator down to the card section was not big enough for the stroller and I! I had to literally hold the stroller up on its front wheel and shimmy in! It didn't help that the door had no sensor so as I was trying to wiggle my way into the elevator the door kept closing on me. We joke that we were being eaten alive by this Japanese elevator! We just laughed and laughed, felt like one of the 'hidden camara' moments.

Did another huge grocery shopping trip. I am finally feeling like I have a decently stocked pantry.


  1. My sister-in-law does EC! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  2. I believe it Lena! :) We had one parent that did this (I can't remember if you know Gage?) and he was using the potty in the infant room! Unless people have seen it or are parents themselves and have tried it..they might think it sounds a little crazy. But I have seen it and it does work!
    Very exciting and rewarding for you! :)

    1. I DO remember him! I still think of all those babies! Is Avery still around? LOVED that little girl. That's so awesome!

    2. No Avery :( There are some from that group around still though :)

  3. Yay! Glad it's working out for you. With both girls out of diapers before 2, I am a huge fan of EC!

    1. It's AMAZING! I hardly ever change poopy diapers! Works out fabulously with cloth diapering.


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