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Friday, January 25, 2013

Change of Plans (1/21/13)

The beds are incredibly hard over here. Each night I try to sleep on our bed my neck gets more and more kinked while Chris' back gets more stiff. The pain became unmanageable last night resulting in maybe 4 hours of sleep. Chris also woke up with a bum knee in addition to his back so sadly we had to decline the invite to Sea Paradise.

We spent the day relaxing around the apartment. We flipped through our cable channels to see what we could find in English and stumbled upon and Japanese show that is meant to teach the Japanese how to speak English. One of the actors reminded me a lot of Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear and The Chew.

It's funny, at home I could be at our house for a day or two without leaving and be fine but here I NEED to get out every day otherwise I feel cooped up! For that reason we went to the hundred yen store and the Rosen (grocery store) for a box of tissues and bananas. I also discovered that if I lose my Iphone adapter I can just purchase a new one for 105yen! Aren't they close to $20 in the States?

We ended the night with G playing with my face... one of his favorite toys.

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