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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book Off, Off House, Hard Off? (1/25/13)

At around 6:40am I woke up to turn the heat up. When I walked by passed Gabriel's door to go to the living room I saw that he was actually in his crib playing with his giraffe! Super happy and content. I figured that since we was enjoying himself that I would try to sneak by again and crawl back into bed. I  rested in bed for another 15-20 minutes before I decided I wanted to snuggle with my little man. Almost every morning when Gabriel wakes up he is well rested and full of smiles. I have been meaning to get a little video of this and decide that this morning would be a great morning for it!

After G's first nap we got ready to head out with Elise and Rachel to the local second hand store called 'Book Off, Off House, Hard Off.' Kinda an awkward sounding name but that tends to happen over here sometimes... It was crazy windy out! All last night it sounded like the building was going to fall down! If we let go of our strollers the wind quickly pushed them away from us. I thought that Elise's kids were going to be blown away because even I felt like I was getting pushed hard by the wind! I was glad to of had the weather cover for the BOB because Gabriel got to stay nice and warm. For 1300yen ($13) I found an umbrella stroller! Excited to use it soon!

Yakitori at the end of the alley.
We all headed to base to meet our husbands. We planned to meet Dane and Rachel at Pepper Lunch. The meat comes on a hot plate so not raw, you sorta cook it yourself! Chris and I were super hungry as we waited so we curved that hunger with more Yakitori! Dinner was yummy and for dessert we hit up the Mister Doughnut which was AMAZING.

Tomorrow we're going to walk China Town and Yokohama! Yokohama is one of my favorite places so I'm pretty excited for what tomorrow brings!

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