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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthday Day (1/23/13)

It's my Birthday! Last night I got my present and this morning I got my card! Such a sweet husband! My precious friend Elise sent me a message the other day informing me that she was going to take me to Starbucks as well as babysit for us so Chris and I could get a date! So thoughtful. She wanted to make me feel special and I did! We went to the Starbucks next to the Daiei mall and because it was my birthday in indulged in a brownie explosion frappe with chocolate whip on top! YUM!

After drinks we walked to mall to find some fabric to make Gabriel a valentine onsie! I bought some supplies off Amazon to do a little appliqué. We also walk a few fun shops, scrunchies are a huge deal here.

We traveled back to Sakura, I got Gabriel ready to go, packed up a bag of his things, dropped him off with Elise and headed to base! Chris was given some suggestions for dinner. We couldn't find the first and we were rejected from the second. Some places will refuse to serve Americans because we are either (a) Americans or (b) not dressed nice enough. We stopped to get some Yakitori while we decided where to go. A Yakitori stand is just a tiny little stand where you can buy meat on a stick. A handful of people fit around the stand, you pick up sticks, put them in a cup, each stick costs 70yen, when you're done you give someone your sticks, they count them and you pay! SO GOOD! Cannot believe we didn't try it at all last time! While we were eating we decided to try Pepper Lunch again. When we got inside we only saw red meat on the menu and weren't sure. In the past we have tried new places to eat on special occasions and have been disappointed, therefore we decided to go with Nirvana.

On our way home we picked up some sweets from under the train station! Gabriel did great at Elise and Ben's, he even took a bottle! My birthday package from my mom came so before bed we ate our treats and enjoyed going through my box full of goodies!

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  1. Pepper lunch is so good, you have to try it! Happy birthday :)


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