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Monday, January 21, 2013

5 months!

So a little late on the post since he did turn 5 months on the 15th but better late than never right? During his 5th month of life Gabriel has begun rolling from back to stomach in both directions, laughing is far more present, he has begun tasting food and reaches for everything we put in our mouth! He is now a world traveler with stamps in his passport and has conquered jetlag with ease. Toys are the best and worse things ever created; he'll love a toy for a couple minutes and then absolutely hate it because he can't get it in his mouth the way he wants to. What keeps his attention the most right now are crinkle books or the tag on ANYTHING. He's still not sitting up quite by himself but doing better and better every day. When you watch G you can tell he has an agenda while playing on the floor however his physical ability isn't developed enough for him to accomplish that agenda. Gabriel is in 12 month clothing for length and since rolling over have gotten even bigger on him width wise. His head is also now covered in a nice layer of peach fuzz!

I unfortunately forgot Gabriel's monthly shirt back home! I didn't actually completely forgot it, I couldn't find it! With the mad dash to to get backed up and ready to leave it got lost in the shuffle and thus I had to begin again with a new shirt. A tad of a bummed but I guess it just adds to the story.

He wasn't all that excited to have his picture taken today. This was actually the only photo I snapped of him sorta smiling! Even when he is in a good mood though it is sorta hard to get a picture of him with a smile. As soon as that camera comes out he just sorta stares... Thought maybe if I took a video I'd be able to catch some more smiles but instead all I got was some fussing.

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