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Friday, December 7, 2012

Let There Be Light!

What a difference a coat of paint and installed lighting makes! Chris installed six can lights in our formal living room! We also updated the trim in a budget friendly way by painting the existing trim white. In the 5-10 year plan we would like to install new updated trim along the bottom of the walls and around the windows in addition to adding crown molding, but for now a little paint has made a remarkable difference!

Before Chris ventured into installing lighting he would say that his level of electrical wiring experience was middle of the road. He hadn't done wiring before this but had an understanding of electrical systems. To assist him with this project he pulled out his old 'Handyman of America' books (which he subscribed to in high school, love my husband) and did some research on the internet. Here are a list of some of the tools that he used:

(This is a more expensive option, we bought a 50' standard steel fish tape for $18 at Lowes.)
  • drywall saw
  • needle nose pliers 
  • drill and drill bits
  • multi-metter for diagnosing where you have power and where you don't 
The holes Christopher had to make to run the electrical wiring.

Patching the holes.

Gabriel shocked that Dad cut holes in the ceiling! 

Cleaned the carpets after getting drywall dust everywhere!

Walls and trim painted, lights installed, carpets cleaned. Notice we still need to texture and paint over the patches in the ceiling. Who is that under the tree? 
 Remember that it looked like this before... (click to see the full blog)

We're pretty happy about the transformation.

He LOVES it under there! 

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  1. just the trim being painted alone is such a huge difference! ugh I think I've finally realized I really really need to paint the trim in our house! At least in Riggs' room, the wood makes it look a little dated in there! And I want to brighten it up before winter...

    Thanks for the inspiration! The can lights are amazing too, your hubby did a great job!


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