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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do Babies Think about Cooties?

"I wonder what he is thinking?" I'm sure that even way back to when Adam and Eve had Cain this was a popular question. Obviously that is total speculation, but I don't feel like it would be too crazy to believe that. When you have a child you are constantly trying to guess what he is tuning into and studying; what is going on in that sweet little head?! This can get even more fun during baby play dates!

A sweet friend of mine from college had a baby girl a month and a half before I gave birth to Gabriel. It has been a lot of fun experiencing this new world of mommyhood with a close friend! It is fun to watch out kiddos study each other. Those 'what is he thinking' questions are even more present when Gabriel is around other babies! Does he identify himself with the baby, the adult, or neither? Does he acknowledge other babies as people, a toy, some of bother, or neither? Does he like interacting with familiar babies like he does familiar people? Do babies he spends time with become familiar? Is it fun to stare at another baby? You think as a parent that it is good to begin interaction with others his age as soon as possible but is he actually aware? If anything I believe it is super healthy and refreshing for mommies to have baby play dates! Talk about a wonderful time to process, brainstorm, laugh and feel supported in the toughest role you can choose to take on in life!

I don't think any words are necessarily needed for the following serious of photos... Boys have cooties, girls have cooties and holding hands is gross! Is that what they are thinking? ;)

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