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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Next Up, Formal Living Room!

Chris and I have been married for almost 2.5 years. During that time the only pieces of furniture we have purchased are a queen bed and matching nightstands off craigslist (resold bed on craigslist but kept the nightstands), an old buffet from the Goodwill, a dresser and a rocker glider for the nursery. Besides those couple of things our 3 bedroom house is "filled" with the furniture Christopher had in his one bedroom apartment in College. We're young, and still considered newly married so we've made it work.

We have owned our house for a year and a half and during that time the living room has been kinda a storage room. We have big dreams of giving this room a craftsman look with built in floor to ceiling book shelves, but that is more like the five year plan. For now, we're finally getting around to painting! Why has it taken us over a year to decide to paint? Well with no furniture we didn't have any inspiration/motivation. We have furniture now you ask? Why yes we do! For our Christmas/Birthday gifts we bought a sectional!

When Chris measured it out in our living room, our living room suddenly didn't feel so big any more. We're so excited to have a seating room that doesn't have a TV in it! We enjoy cozying up and reading but so much of the time we default to watching our (still free) cable. Our sectional should be here right before Christmas at the absolute latest! That means we have about seven weeks to get the living room cleaned up and painted! Here's is the before...

As you can tell we were pretty indecisive about a color. At one point I thought we were going to wind up not painting at all since we couldn't agree right away! After a couple days though we both compromised and settled with the top color. Currently the little bit of furniture/stuff in the room is gathered in the center, there are drop cloths lining the perimeter of the room and the trim has its first coat of white paint! Hoping to have trim and walls finished by the end of next week!

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