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Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

...Christmas! I LOVE Christmas! I love that I get to enjoy Christmas again! In college I had stayed at the empty university to be a holiday RA because I needed the money for my education. My last Christmas in college wasn't spent at school but actually Australia. Though the trip was great, I got an amazing tan, and we attended Hillsong Church, it didn't feel like Christmas.The first Christmas after college my husband and I were too busy cleaning an apartment and packing up for Japan to even get a tree and during our second Christmas as a married couple I was sick and tired from pregnancy. We will be packing up immediately after Christmas again this year to head to Japan but we won't be dealing with a landlord, thank goodness! And instead of being sick, uncomfortable, and exhausted from pregnancy I'm just tired from taking care of our precious little gem! He's truly the best gift we could ever receive!

One of the reasons why I enjoy Christmas is because of the giving! There is just something special about taking time to really think about someone. It can take time to think of or find that something special that suits the person you are shopping or crafting for, which I view as a loving gesture.  Because of this, when being on the receiving end of gift giving I really appreciate and enjoy not knowing what I am unwrapping, it makes the experience super special and thoughtful. As children we would write out a Christmas 'wish list' and yes, you hoped to get something off that list, however the true fun was waiting in anticipation as to which gift off the list you would receive!

 Now as an adult to me Christmas giving is not necessarily getting someone exactly what they want but rather choosing a gift from the heart that was decided upon after spending time truly thinking about that person (or utilizing your resources, like talking to others BESIDES the receiver ;) ). It can be easy as the gift giver to just ask that someone what s/he wants, and maybe some receivers like this, but in my experience during the Christmas time it seems like most people enjoy the surprise of a gift and can get uncomfortable when put on the spot. In which case the gift giving experience becomes more about the giver than the receiver. Receiving a gift you love, and one you maybe didn't know you wanted, without telling anyone is experiencing the magic of Christmas.

Here is to the season of giving! There are many opportunity around our communities this time of year and if you're able, I encourage you to do so! It's a wonderful experience picking a gift wish off a tree in the mall and shopping for some kiddos in your community or dropping off a bag of holiday dinner fixings at your local food bank! May Joy and Peace be with you all!

On another note, we figure out a fun little trick to taking Christmas tree photos! We have a Nikon D90 DSLR camera. To take these photos we used the Program setting with a fast shutter speed and high exposure! 


  1. Beautiful! What camera / settings do you use? These pics are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! We have a Nikon D90 and had it set on program, with a fast shutter speed and high exposure! ;)


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