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Monday, November 19, 2012

Gabriel's 3rd Month

I cannot believe how fast the time seems to fly by! If this were pregnancy I'd be finished with another trimester! This postpartum phase is moving far faster than pregnancy... and that was fast! I feel like I need to tell you that the above picture was not modified whatsoever to make his eyes look so gorgeous! 'Blue Eyes' is probably the most common thing I call him, besides Gabriel and Honey-Bun.


This last month boy has Gabriel gotten louder! It seemed to happen over night, quite the lung power! And boy, oh boy is he dramatic at times! I cannot help but giggle when he is falling asleep and drags out his yawns to no end! Smiles as he is falling asleep, now those are precious gems. He is also getting rather good at intentionally placing his thumb in his mouth, however he is not good at determining how far to push it back! He often times gages himself and has no clue he is doing it, he'll just keep pushing his thumb back. I'll typically have to pull his thumb out for him since he just looks at me as if say, "what is happening?!"

He loves to kick and throw his bum up in the air! Most recently he lays on his back, throws his lower half up towards his chest (looks like those crazy hard abdominal moves) and comes back down just to the left or the right of where he was initially at. Through repetition this causes him to move in a complete 360' either clockwise or counter clockwise! The first time this happened I set him down under his jungle gym, turned around to unload the dishwasher, turned back around to look at him and he was in a completely different position then where I had placed him!

It is fun watching him watch his feet and hands. This month it has been very obvious that he is starting to recognize he has control over these limbs! He will actually reach for objects dangling on his jungle gym and of course immediately try to get it in his mouth! Some times when he is laying in his pack-n-play falling asleep or waking up he'll lift his hands in front of his face and just stare at them!

We get tummy time in every day throughout the day but it never last very long, he doesn't seem to care for it at all even though he is rather good at it. I read that babies who want to move and be mobile tend to be rather frustrated with tummy time. He'll never just lay his head down and chill (or fall asleep like I have heard some babies do), but instead keeps his head held high, kicks his legs, swings his bottom from side to side and lifts/moves his left arm. He hasn't moved his right arm yet during tummy time but we swear the day he does he'll be army crawling around the house!

Gabriel is also cooing a lot in response to us talking to him! I've even heard some 'g' and 'l' sounds being produced! Leave it to the kindergarten teacher to intently listen for specific sounds in his baby noises! He especially makes noise when I either leave the room or am out of his line of sight, "Where is my mama?!"

We have started sleep training a little bit. Nothing too serious, just working towards a routine. In the beginning we didn't really do much of anything to create a schedule/routine, just played it all by ear from him. Well, a couple weeks ago we began noticing that when he woke in the night for what we thought was a feeding time, as soon as he got in my arms and latched, he would fall back in a deep sleep without eating a drop! That was not working for me... it actually caused much frustration and tears. Time to create a routine! During my pregnancy I read the book The No Cry Sleep Solution which is all about fostering an environment that feels safe and secure. The idea is that when your baby cries, you pick him up and comfort him and just before he starts falling asleep you set him back down and continue this until he realizes that he (a) has to sleep in his crib, not your arms and (b) that you are there for him, not going away. At first you are picking up and setting your baby down upwards of 10-15 times before he is so tired he can't fight it any more but it slowly gets to be less and less. I have also heard a lot about the book Baby Wise and found a summary of it online. It seems like Baby Wise is more about 'crying it out' when you know it is sleep time according to the routine/schedule. I have nothing against 'crying it out,' I just can't (yet) emotionally do it! It works for some people and that's great! So, for the last two weeks we have used tactics from both The No Cry Sleep Solution and Baby Wise and have seen some great results! He is actually starting to nap consistently and the very first night on a routine of eat-play-sleep he slept 7.5 hours! At first he didn't like falling asleep during the day without nursing but he doesn't seem to mind it much anymore. The routine has given both Chris and I much more confidence in meeting his needs. He has always been a phenomenal nurser and a decent sleeper at night but now there is some organization to it all!

Chris has been on swing shift since the beginning of November and absolutely love this schedule! It just works so well with Gabriel. If I was working it would be horrid but since I'm currently a stay at home mom it is so sweet to have my husband around the house in the morning and part of the afternoon! It fosters a more stress free household compared to day shift where Chris's alarm sounds at 4:30am and he comes home completely exhausted around 4pm. Now, we wake up around 8am, hangout with the baby, run errands together, have lunch and then he heads off to work around 1:40pm, comes home between 11pm-12:30am and goes straight to bed where I'm usually reading or sleeping. However, next month Chris moves to grave shift. It's inevitable with his job, he'll always work different shifts, maybe not always a different shift each month but it is an expected part of his job. Even so, it doesn't mean it is easy.

Gosh I love this boy! The adjustment to parenthood continues to run smoothly! We thank God daily for our healthy little man and for the ease of the transition! We feel truly blessed that I have not suffered from any postpardum depression and that Gabriel and I have been such a great nursing team from day one! Things just feel so right, and for that we are forever thankful.

 Life is getting even more busy and we're starting to look towards Japan, knocking off items from the 'to-do' list! Happy Holidays!

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