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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brightly Painted Furniture

I have totally jumped on the bandwagon of brightly painted furniture! I have talked about it here! Some have been skeptical... maybe this will shed some light because it truly seems like the current craze! 

So now what do you think? It's not just that I think it's fun and gorgeous but also a super thrifty way to dress up a room! Spend a few dollars at the Godwill and on paint and voila!

Have you freshened up a piece of furniture with a coat of paint? What color and for what room?


  1. I LOVE that you posted about this! I adore anything reclaimed and I especially love bright colors. I haven't found the courage with my own decorating, but maybe I should try.

  2. We have all sorts of painted furniture around the house - we both love it, and were a few (!) years ahead of the trend. The lovely thing about it is that when you get fed up with it, you just paint it again!! Go on, try a pop of colour in your house!

    1. SO fun! I have loved it for years but haven't been able to get the hubs on board until recently. What is your favorite pop of color in your home?!


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