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Friday, October 12, 2012

Vintage Style Halloween Banner Printable

I sold all the long Autumn Fabric Buntings I made, including the one that used to inhabit my mantle! No worries, that just means more crafting! I've seen some wall art circulating the internet that is simply an image printed onto a piece of paper filled with text. Easy enough right? After carefully pulling some pages out of my vintage dictionary (yeya Goodwill!) and selecting some black and white images off the lovely internet I was good to go!

I hot glued twine to the back of each page by folding the top over the twine.

The pages in my dictionary are 7"x10.5" when pulled out so that is what the images are scaled to! Enjoy! ----> Halloween Banner Printable 


  1. Lena I love it, it looks so great!
    I really miss having a fireplace.

    1. Thanks! Part of me thinks it might be a little too big. Part of me likes it because of that. :)


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