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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Adventure's of Minder's Farm Corn Maze

This weekend Chris and I invited his brother and brother's wife down for some corn maze fun! None of us have ever experienced a corn maze! It also seemed like a great excuse to dress Gabriel up in a Halloween costume! When we entered the maze we learned quickly that everyone else had a card with the map of the maze and check points marked! Somehow we missed this tidbit but quickly found it more exciting to find our way through the maze without it! Our husbands have an incredible sense of direction along with a photographic memory. Rather than making it our goal to exit the maze, it was our goal to find all the checkpoints and then proceed to exit the maze. The guys were amazing at navigating us! Sarah and I just walked along talking and poking fun at the thrill our husbands were getting from our little adventure. We also imagined what these little outings will look like in a couple years from now with our sons walking on the heels of their fathers. Such a sweet image.

It was a wonderful day, we managed to get out during the best weather of the day. I've been sick the last couple days and it seems as if some fresh air was just what the doctor ordered. Gabriel was asleep for most of the adventure, what an arm workout he gave this mama! It was fun to hear what people thought the little man was dressed as. That cute little giraffe was called a cow and a dinosaur! Cannot wait till next year when the cousins are dressed up together!

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  1. Wonderful pics. I especially like the last one.


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