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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Replicating is a Compliment and the Spectrum of Creativity

When I was little my brother, sister, and I would always get upset with one another if something we drew or created was replicated by the other. Oh the fits we would throw! My mom would try to explain that it was a compliment, that the other sibling likes our work SO much that s/he wanted to borrow our creativity and replicate it. Now, this obviously doesn't translate over to school work and doesn't pardon copyright infringement laws... but for the sake of peace in the home with little ones it was a creative, positive twist to avoid conflict.

15-20 years later I still remember this. I've always had a knack at artsy things but unfortunately my creativity and talent only goes so far. I can draw almost anything with fine accuracy if I can look at it and most things I can figure out how to create by just seeing it, but when it comes to my own original creativity I usually need loads of inspiration produced by the works of others. I've never claimed to be creative but rather I compile, manipulate, adapt, mix and match the works I have seen and experienced. However, sometimes I enjoy something so much I simple recreate it almost to a tee. Those creations are obviously ones that I do not sell (Etsy) but simply enjoy, it's my compliment to the creator.

With that said I LOVED this piece of artwork and knew it was exactly what I was looking for! Now if I had a bottomless personal budget I would have most certainly purchased it but that isn't the case. Besides, I have had a long rectangle frame for months and this beautiful piece doesn't require a frame.

About a month before Gabriel was due I had a crazy, ridiculous, hormonal, hyperventilating spell over two things: there not being a shoe rack by the door and needing a piece of artwork for the wall space next to the master bedroom. Chris, being the supportive husband he is, took me out shopping right away. We found a lovely shelf at The World Market to use next to the door but did not have luck with a piece of art to go upstairs. A week later I was at Michaels and saw a rather long frame marked down to $16.99 from $70! Knowing I could use coupons and my teacher reward's card it was quite the steal to pass up. I knew it was the perfect size for our wall so I bought it.

Three months went by, a baby arrived and I still hadn't had any creative strokes of genius as to what to fill the frame with, until I saw that beautiful piece from KPATTONDESIGNS on Etsy. I had seen that verse floating around Pintrest on different pieces but this design stuck with me. It was perfect.

Yes, I'll rehang the photo...

Mine did turn out a little different. I Mod Podged (of course) antique dictionary pages to a piece of cardboard before I stenciled the words down the side but it is more or less a replica, a compliment to the original artist. If I had the $53 just laying around I would have purchased it but because I don't, I managed to create it for about $14 (LOVE coupons). I know art isn't about the money but sometimes it is.

We shouldn't feel self conscious that all of our creations aren't always entirely original or complex. Sometimes the simplest project (like gluing twine to a bottle) is exactly what we need and might not be a project we thought of. In the end everyone has a different outlook on what is creative and what isn't. What one person thinks is a lack of creativity another might view as a super creative good-fit project for their shelf. Creativity is a spectrum, we're all on it, just in different places and that's okay.

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