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Friday, October 26, 2012

2 Months

Wow! We just had Gabriel's two month check-up and learned he is a healthy 14.8lbs and 25" long! Go genetics go! No wonder i have felt so hungry, this little man has gained over 2.5lbs in the last month!


During this month Gabriel began cooing! I cannot tell you how much joy that has brought Chris and I! We have a lot of fun cooing right along with him, mimicking his sounds much like we mimicked his facial expressions last month. His eyes continue to stay a light blue and he is getting better at finding his thumb but usually he just stuffs in the whole fist! This last month we have noticed a huge change in his sight development. During his first month he only preferred to be held backwards against your chest or over your shoulder but now he doesn't enjoy that because he cannot see! Doctors say babies don't start recognizing their parents from across the room until four months but I find that hard to believe. At 1.5 months old we were at a party, Gabriel only wanted to be held forward so he could see the hustle and bustle and actually found his daddy from across the room and locked eyes with him for the longest time.

Gosh he loves his dad. His attitude noticeably changes the second Chris gets home. As soon as he hears Chris's voice he is looking around the room and once Chris gets to him, boy does he smile! He actually prefers his diaper changes with Chris over me, seriously. Even in the middle of the night Gabriel can be found cooing and smiling while having Chris change his diaper.

 He has given us a couple 6 hours sleep stretches but still averages around 3.5-4 hour stretches. We also think he may be pre-teething! He has started drooling a lot and chewing on everything, and there may be a bump on the top of that mouth! Some of the names we call him are chunks, chunkers, monkey butt, smiles, gabers, little man, big man, bud, buddy, love bug, sweet cheeks, cutie, and sweat pea. I am sure there are more but I cannot think of them right now.

This month we also got all our tickets booked to Japan and ordered Gabriel's passport! As many of you know I do not care for flying. However after evacuating a country and taking an international flight without my husband, I'm not to worried about flying with a child. As of right now Chris and I do not have our seats together but we're hoping we can change that before the flight. I have a window seat in a two seat section so I'm hoping the person (most likely a man, the plane will be dominantly Shipyard workers) will gladly switch seats with Christopher as to not sit next to a baby for 10 hours. We are super excited for this trip! We'll tentatively be gone from January 3rd to May 17th.

We continue to be amazed with how in love we are with him! It is already hard to remember a time without him.

The Baby Bjorn that I mention in our one month update is no longer working for us. Gabriel being a long baby just doesn't fit in it anymore. It says it is good up to 26" but Gabriel now at 25" comes up to my nose in it! Also right after a month of age he was feeling too heavy for the Bjorn. It says it can hold babies up to 25lbs but our little 13 pounder hurt our backs after a short length of wear, there is no lower back support. I searched Craigslist for an ERGObaby this week but didn't find any much under the price of a new one so we added to our REI dividend by buying one online. It arrived last night, excited to use it! Here's what we have liked this month:

1: It has been fun watching Gabriel's hand-eye coordination slowly develop. When he bats a a stuffed animal rattle and it makes a sound you can tell it excites him but he's not quite sure how it is happening. I don't think he intentionally hits it but whenever he flails his arms the rattle gets knocked and makes noise, the wheels in that head are turning! $42.09 at Target 2: I credit bouncer chairs for my personal hygiene and the dinner on the table! When I'm taking a shower Gabriel hunkers down in his bouncer in the bathroom and when I am cooking dinner he's sitting in a bouncer watching me in the kitchen. My bouncers (yes I have two...) were hand-me-downs from parents of two of my students from last year. SO handy having one upstairs and downstairs $39.99 at Target  3: Some days Gabriel seems like he can be content for the rest of his life if he got to live forevermore in his swing. He loves watching the fish rotate above and gave into the light under the water and glitter up above. $99.98 at Target 4: We started cloth diapering! We are loving it even though I feel like I am so uneducated on the topic. Since starting I've learned that there are numerous types of diapers and methods and many woman who cloth diaper do a combination of different kinds. I've joined some Facebook groups about cloth diapers online and it overwhelms me sometimes. However, what we are doing seems super simple and it works so I'm not too motivated to dive into other methods at this time. We use the BumGenius 4.0s. What I love the most about these is that they grow with baby! The series of snaps allow you to make the diaper as big or small as you need to fit the baby. Gabriel seems to prefer them more than the disposable and cleaning is crazy easy once you figure out how your washer works best for them. Chris doesn't mind working with them either, which is a bonus. $17.95 at 5: This purchase was more of a 'luxury' purchase for Gabriel. I don't know about you but being wiped down with a cold wet cloth in the middle of the night while being half asleep does not sound fun. The wipes warmer has helped make middle of the night diaper changes a lot calmer and easy to move past. $24.00 at Target 6: When we go out and about we still use the clothe diapers. When we have to do a diaper change we simple place the cloth diaper in the medium sized wet bag (could hold 3-4 diapers). When we get home bag and diaper goes into the wash with the other diapers. $18.90 on Amazon 7: In our nursery we have a 30ml stainless steel trash can from Target. This trash can is lined with these clothe diaper pail liners. THe inside is water resistant. Like the wet bags, the liners go right into the wash with the diapers. We have two so that when we are washing one we can use the other. $16.50 on Amazon

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