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Monday, September 17, 2012

One Month Postpartum and the Tools that Got Us Here

Ask Christopher, I told him I wasn't going to be that mom that thinks her newborn is cute because newborns aren't cute... My reasoning was that I was aware of this fact going into having our baby so therefore I wouldn't be bias, ha! Our baby is incredibly handsome! AND I've realized that it is perfectly okay for every mommy to think their baby is the cutest of all. :) 

Shirt looks a little big doesn't it? Don't worry, that was intentional! I've decided that for every month I'm going to take a picture of Gabriel in this size 12m shirt to document his growth over the first year!

Gabriel's First Month

Since 15 hours old he has been holding his head up, at two weeks he began rolling over from stomach to back, smiles are beginning to be a response rather than a reflex and boy has he put on some rolls! He does not enjoy sitting still or being restricted in any way (we stopped swaddling once we left the hospital...). He makes the sweetest and silliest facial expressions ,which is actually something I prayed for, and he has big blue eyes (becoming more blue and hoping they stay that way, prayed for blue eyes too) that are incredibly alert whenever open! His favorite toy is a sensory Zebra, he wakes 2-3 times in the night, loves following Dad's voice with his eyes, and thoroughly enjoys his bath time!

Mom's First Month

For the last month I have been in my pajamas until 2pm, have brushed my teeth twice a day everyday almost everyday, have showered on average every other day, have worn makeup maybe once a week, and my hair has lived in a bun that I put it in after a shower. This has been my life. However, the dishes and sheets are clean, bathrooms scrubbed, carpets vacuumed, floors mopped, fridge stocked. The time I used to spend on myself is now focused on a baby. I've been told by many that house chores can wait but that's difficult for me, it's easier for me to skip a shower than to skip cleaning the kitchen. With that said I wouldn't change a thing (okay, I wouldn't mind boosting some of my hygiene), Gabriel is completely worth it. I understand that this will not always be the case but for now it is and that is okay, we're learning how to live this new life together.

Also for the last month we have had the wonderful blessing of Christopher being home on maternity leave. The last time we had a solid month of time together was back in college before he got his job, over two years ago. This time together has fostered a low stress environment for us to begin to "figure out" this parenting, which by the way we quickly learned you never quite figure out. We have though learned what tools and supplies have made our life more smooth and comfy and it is during our monthly baby updates that we wish to share these with you!

1: Gabriel is a touch sensitive and the Desitin diaper cream has worked far better than other we have tried! $5.24 at Target 2: The Angelcare baby monitor has been really good at calming my new-mommy concerns with all its bells and whistles. Of course the tricks this puppy has comes at a cost, however its video monitoring, temperature telling, motion sensing, alarming, and time keeping for us is worth the pretty penny. I acknowledge that all these things are not necessary but for us this purchase was worth budgeting for. $212.59 on Amazon 3: THE BOPPY! I tribute the success of my nursing to this sweet pillow. It also works great for propping Gabriel in once place if I need to go grab something. $27.89 at Target (covers can be purchased separately for around $10) 4: Our baby LOVES to move, both Chris and I routinely place Gabriel into the Baby Bjorn as we do house chores and daily routine. $71.99 at Target 5: The soothie has provided me with extra sleep in the mornings! Chris and I have taken turns getting up in the morning and when Chris is on shift the Soothie helps to calm the little one while I get an extra half hour or so of sleep! $4.29 at Target 6: I was on the fence between the Avent single electric pump and the Madella double electric pump. If cost wasn't an issue I would have bought the Madella but because we already made some higher end purchases and because I wouldn't be teaching full-time we decided on the single. During a good session I can pump 4oz in about 20 minutes which works great for me. $103.99 at Target 7: This was an amazing untold secret from a friend of mine, Gerber cloth diapers as burp rags! The gauze knit of the diapers help trap spit up when in comparison spit up tends to roll off flannel. $8.99 at Target 8: Target's nursing camis have been more valuable than gold in my life! I own four and wear them everyday! The convenience is too much to describe. The also was a highly recommended purchase from some friends and I already have found myself raving to other pregnant woman about them! $19.99 at Target

Of course you have to find what works best for you but for us, these products did truly provide much comfort and convenience to our lives!

***I am not receiving any type of compensation for advertising these products, instead I am doing so because we truly do like them. Also, I used Target mainly as a reference because the is where we bought/received many of our products from. 


  1. Gabriel IS so handsome :) and I loved the target nursing tanks! I seriously lived in those for the first few months with Finn!

  2. I love the 12 month shirt idea! Too cute! Also, good to know about the nursing tanks. I might need to get some of those! Thanks for this post!


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