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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meet Shutterfly

 Have you heard of shutterfly? If not I am excited to be sharing it with you! shutterfly is an amazing online program that allows you to easily create photo projects as well as make photo prints! The best part about shutterfly is that they are super wonderful to their customers. Back in June I made 22 photo books for my students as an end of the year gift and because of the mass purchase I received not only a discount but free shipping! Then a few weeks ago on LivingSocial I bought a $14 deal to get a free 8"x11" 20 page hardcover photo book which typically start at $24.99 plus tax and shipping. I also frequently recieve promo codes in the mail for 100 free 4"x6" prints and just the other week I got an e-mail with a promo code for 20 free birth announcements! The 20 free birth announcements has been the best deal yet! Each announcement I purchased would have cost me $3.09, a total of over $60 for 20 that I got for free! Of course I had to pay shipping and handling plus tax but that was a low $6.51. Here is a look at the announcements that are on their way to my house, check them out and everything else shutterfly has to offer!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

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