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Friday, September 21, 2012


Okay, so the kitchen was finished before Gabriel was born, however I've been sorta preoccupied... At last, here it is!

Big difference from before huh?

Notice anything else painted different?

Chris used black spray paint on the vent hood which was a nice touch!

Now, what's next? Well those bar stools... In a world with no cost I'd love to purchase new ones, however that isn't the case. In fact, now being a stay at home mom the budget is even tighter so another refinish project it is!

I want them to be another pop of color within the black and white kitchen. The question now is, what color? My first thought is red to add to all the other pops!

Speaking of painting, what about the light fixture above the table? I passed the idea by Chris to paint that too. hmmm Oh the dangers of me being at home now! The day dreaming about our house never ends!

Phase three: Removed all cabinet doors and sanded... apparently I never blogged this. We have been living with an 'open concept' for months!

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