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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Battle of the Chocolate Chip Cookies

When surfing Pintrest I always hesitant to believe the pin descriptions that claim being the best of something. Recently I came across a chocolate chip cookie recipe that claimed to be "the fluffiest, chewiest, most amazing chocolate chip cookies." I LOVE chocolate chip cookies, homemade that is. I know they are the most standard, and probably boring, cookies but that's why I love them. Rather than pinning the recipe because I was curious and then forgetting about it, I pinned it and immediately made my way to the kitchen and started up my KitchenAid. Inpsired by making one batch, I decided to prowl Pinterest for two more hot recipes. Time to determine which one is indeed the best! Here are the contenders:

Cookie A

Cookie B

Cookie C
The Claim
Cookie A: the fluffiest, chewiest, most amazing chocolate chip cookies
Cookie B: World's best chocolate chip cookies
Cookie C: Super soft chocolate chip cookies

Each recipe is slightly different. The biggest differences I found was that Cookie A called for cornstarch and Cookie B called for quite a bit more chocolate chips and only Cookie C called for both baking soda and baking powder (Cookies A and B used only baking soda). All recipes called for white and brown sugar as well as the other basics (butter, flour, salt, vanilla, chocolate chips).

In the end I felt like Cookie B and C tasted quite a like other than the fact that cookie B had way too many chocolate chips! Not a good chip to dough ratio. Both were soft but because they were doughy. I honestly didn't think they were anything special, could easily be the recipe off of a chocolate chip bag. Cookie A however was unlike any chocolate chip recipe I have ever made! It was indeed fluffy and it had a great salty sweet flavor! With each bit there was just a small hint of salt flavor which I actually liked a lot! I'm not sure I'd call them chewy but rather soft.

For now, Cookie A will be my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe! You can click on the contender pictures in order to visit the respectable websites to obtain the recipes! Happy baking!

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