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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pop of Red!

Back in December you saw the framed picture line my husband made me by stapling three strands of wire across a large frame.

Then I used it to display Christmas cards. Those cards were quickly switched out for ultrasound pictures of the little one!

Though I've liked the frame, it just seemed a little blah, and can easily be overlooked.

Back when we registered for our wedding, we chose to have red accent colors such as a red kitchen aid. When the kitchen had the oaky orange cabinets, I didn't much care for the red accents any longer but once the cabinets started turning white my gosh was I loving the red again! 

Frame taped and ready to be spray painted. Yes, that is my pregnant belly getting in the shot! 

I bought this Valspar paint from Lowes for a few dollars and was very satisfied with it! They sell a large array of colors. This was actually one of I believe the three reds they sell. It was a big feat for me to actually decide on one! 

Three coats later...

The magical wonders of color! 

Still trying to figure out how to 'decorate' the buffet. Honestly, most of the time it is a dropping place for mail and other in-hand items unfortunately... Trying to get away from that! 

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