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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Induction Update

I was honestly assuming the worst of my doctor and nurse today leading up to my 2:40 appointment. Many people have shared stories and opinions on how doctors push early induction out of convenience and guilt patients into going through with it... This had my mind spinning all morning. Chris could tell through my many text message question with 'what if' scenarios that he surprised me by coming home earlier than expected with flowers in tow! Fortunately, the appointment I spun up in my head based off of many negative experiences and comments was NOT how things panned out today!

When I got into the doctor's office I asked my nurse if she had received my voicemail, she said she had and that my doctor was completely supportive. My doctor said that on most occasions woman seem to be over being pregnant by their due date and that it is very popular choice made by woman to induce within the week after the due date. However, he agreed that the best case scenario for mother and baby was to go naturally. With that said he gladly moved my induction to 42 weeks, next Monday. This though was contingent on my fluid levels and another non-stress test. After a quick ultrasound my fluid levels were signed off as great and another 30 minutes hooked up to monitors sitting in a lazy boy with a game show button in hand (track movement) Gabriel once again told us he was not in distress! The nurse controlling the monitors informed me that I had registered some pretty strong contractions. I tried explaining to her that those were actually giggle fits Chris and I were having but she didn't believe me... That was what was making us laugh though, how high I could register a contraction by purely giggling, which would get Chris laughing which would then cause me to laugh even more! :)

I no longer need to come in the night before induction to soften my cervix since it is now favorable. If baby doesn't come before Monday we have an appointment for 9am on the 20th to begin this whole labor process!

We are both actually far more content about inducing now, ironically. I like having an extra week to give my body to do what it needs to, but I know that there is still a chance that we will need to induce. Inducing after giving my body two weeks extra to figure it out on its own is a lot more acceptable to us than inducing after only a week. It's not that I am entirely against inducing, we just didn't find it necessary in our case yet since I am feeling good and baby is healthy. I'm thankful for the cooperation of our doctor and nurse who have our best interest in mind. Thank you for your prayers today! We're in a very good place mentally and emotionally this evening.

Week 41 Update


  1. This updated right after I'd commented on fb. I haven't commented before, because, why scare people? Glad to hear your doctor is on top of it.

    1. :) Yep yep! Yeah, we're fully aware of the risk presented once going past 42 weeks. We've never had any desire to do so, just wanted to give him a least a few more days past 41.

  2. Halleluah!!! and Chris get to giggling and lets see if that doesn't do something!!!


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