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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

41 Weeks=287 Days

Wow, 287 days! Though 41 weeks already sounds like a long time, 287 days just leaves me speechless! Many people have been telling me to "hang in there" and that "this is the hardest stretch" but honestly the waiting on our baby hasn't been that bad. Yes we have our moments in the day where either of us might say, "when is this gonna happen?" but honestly the stress and anxiety is more about the possibility of inducing, not the waiting. I'm still willing to wait as long as he needs to come naturally, especially after learning the other day during my non-stress test (NST) that he is not in distress. However, two weeks ago my doctor scheduled me to begin my inducting this evening. When we set the date I didn't think much of it because I figured it would be an appointment we wouldn't have to keep. I called yesterday to talk to my nurse or doctor about changing the date but he was in surgery and never called back. We have a regular appointment this afternoon where we hope to discuss this. We want to give baby a bit more time to come on his own before we try to force him into this world. I understand that it might come to the point where we will need to induce, but for now there seems to be no risk to give him some more time.

Speaking of the non-stress test, I learned a few things from that appointment! First off I learned that I have been having contractions for weeks, I just didn't know that was what they were. For the non-stress test I had two monitors hooked up to my tummy, one to measure the baby's heart rate and one to measure contractions. When my nurse told me about the contraction monitor I thought to myself, "well, I haven't been having contractions so I know that number isn't going to be anything other than zero..." Chris enjoyed watching the graph and numbers. At one point Chris asked me, "do you feel that?!" I said yes and that baby was pushing in two directions, but Chris informed me according to the graph that that feeling was a contraction, not the baby! I began waiting for the same feeling and then looking at the numbers and sure enough, contraction! Now when I say contraction I don't mean painful labor contractions obviously, I just mean body preparation contractions. They just feel like baby is pushing in multiple directions! Last week my doctor was on vacation so I had a different doctor for my appointment on Wednesday (2 days before the non-stress test). When that doctor checked me, she said I had not progressed from the previous week, we left sorta bombed with this news. At the NST I had my regular nurse and I informed her of what the doctor told me two days previous. My nurse had a hard time believing this news so she went and double checked my charts and though the nurse told me there was no change she had recorded 3cm for how dilated I was when the week before I was only 1cm.

Chris and I have thoroughly been enjoying this last little bit of time we have together. We have always enjoyed doing the simplest things with one another. Saturday we spent almost all day reading and napping with a break for walking at the YMCA. That evening we went out for Thai, walked the mall, and combed through Barnes and Noble. We ended the night by hauling blankets and pillows outside to the lawn to watch the meteorite shower! Sunday we had a blast celebrating the marriage of our sweet friends Michael and Layken and dancing the night away! Yes, full out jumping up and down, hands in the hair, dropping to the ground, and spinning around DANCING! I think all that moving just made Mr. Gabriel more content. :)

Over all we are in great spirits and go about our day just as usual. I think some people think we are just sitting around staring at each other anxiously waiting, but that isn't the case. As I mentioned, yes we have our moments but everyone does! I had my first semi painful contraction last night. It was obvious enough to where I could actually track how long the contraction was but that is all it was, one single contraction.


  1. I'm glad you're taking it all in stride and enjoying your last few pre-baby moments together! I do hope you get what you want, and don't have to induce, but know that it'll be okay if you do have to induce.
    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't recognize contractions. I didn't know I had been having contractions until I was in the hospital in labor and a nurse told me. For weeks I had been telling everyone, "Oh, look at her stretching out!". :)

  2. You go girl! You're at the finish line and that's all that matters. Any day and you'll have that sweet little man to snuggle. So excited for you!


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