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Saturday, July 7, 2012

That's a Wrap!

Our kitchen looks like the biggest Christmas present ever! Chris had to make three runs to Lowes for more tape because he needed far more than could possibly imagine, 5 rolls total! Why all the wrapping? Well instead of taking the cabinets down and putting them back up Chris is attempting to use his spray paint gun to spray the cabinets inside! This is quite the scary thought for myself but I know Chris's work ethic and his standard of quality so I know he's going to take all the necessary steps to make sure we don't ruin things like the granite, linoleum flooring and fixtures. 

Check out all that new crown molding on the tops of the cabinets! 

No more kitchen sink! Temporarily of course....

Next up, priming the kitchen! Only one concern thus far, the paint sprayer says that it is not designed to spray an oil based paint... We are using a lacquer primer and lacquer, both oil based. Chris called Graco and asked them directly about this and they said the same thing, not designed for it but if you choose to do so you should have one sprayer for oil based paints and one sprayer for water based paints. That sounds a touch excessive for us only needing the sprayer for little projects and not a business so we'll take our chances. 

Need to catch up on the kitchen adventure?

Phase three: Removed all cabinet doors and sanded... apparently I never blogged this. We have been living with an 'open concept' for months!

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