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Friday, July 13, 2012

Ombre Makeover Continues

Remember this picture?

This was me matching colors for the dresser! I wanted the perfect shades of orange that would compliment the rest of the room!

After the striping and sanding Chris and I painted the first coat. Chris's family graciously came down to help us out with all our projects. Here's a sweet story that we learned: When Chris's mom was pregnant with him, his dad finished a dresser. That dresser is the same dresser that Chris and I began refinished for our child! We didn't know this history when we made our decision! Pretty precious huh? Well when his family was visiting, Chris's dad worked on the dresser again! Bet he didn't think he'd refinish that dresser later in life for a grandson in addition to his son!

Getting pretty excited for the final product! We're very happy with the way the color has turned out! Just need to paint some polycrylic on top and buy some white ceramic knobs! 

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