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Monday, July 16, 2012

Kitchen Cabinets, Painted!

Good news! No problem with the sprayer! Chris had absolutely no issues using his sprayer with the lacquer after all was said and done! He actually felt that his sprayer is more clean now than it has ever been! He just flushed it out with lacquer thinner and then flushed it with water like normal.

The fumes were not nearly as bad this time! Plus Chris sprayed just before we ventured up north for the weekend, giving the house a couple days to vent out while we were not home. The lacquer actually dried before we left and we couldn't help but take a sneak peek!

We when get back home is off with the paper and the clean up begins! Hoping nothing permanently stuck!

Phase three: Removed all cabinet doors and sanded... apparently I never blogged this. We have been living with an 'open concept' for months!

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