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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dresser Refinish, Ombre Style!

Have you seen those ombre dressers floating around Pinterest?!

If I hadn't seen the pictures, I wouldn't have a clue what ombre means... Ombre is a French word for shading or graduating.

Oh how I felt like I needed one but wasn't sure how it was going to go over with the mister... Not that he wouldn't like it but because I thought it would be taken as extra work during a time where we are crunched for time!

I changed my mind a few times as to how I wanted to dresser for the nursery to be refinished before he even began stripping the finish... First I wanted it orange, than gray, than I thought I finally settled on white. BUT, I really did want ombre. It wasn't until the dresser was completely stripped that I got up the nerve to pass the idea by him.

"SoOoOo about the dresser color..."
"What color are you thinking now?" He says very understanding and kindly, honestly.
"Well, I still want it white, but I want the drawers different colors."
"Okay, what color?"
"Well, each draw orange but a different shade of orange, darker on the bottom and getting lighter each drawer up. Is that okay?"
"Why wouldn't it be?"
"It's going to be more work isn't it?"
"Not really, we'll just get the sample paint size for those."
"So we can do that?!"
"Yea, not a problem."

Paint it on. 

Let it dry.

Scrape it off. Finish is now removed and dresser is ready to be sanded! 


  1. Can't wait to see how the dresser turns out! I love that you are doing orange. It's going to look great! Thanks for including our dresser as one of your inspirations.

    1. Our nursery is travel theme so we have maps and a globe. Made me double appreciate your ombre dresser!

  2. I am glad you appreciate us including you! Cannot wait to share the final product with everyone!


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