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Monday, July 30, 2012

Crib Bumper Tutorial

First off, I'd like to state that I know that there are heavy, passionate, and heated opinions for both supporting and opposing bumpers. This post is not intended to begin that discussion, I respect the personal choices made by individual families whether for or against. This is just a little tutorial. :) 

I initially had no intentions of sewing bumpers for our crib but after spending hours searching online for a bedding set that had the look I was going for I only found one site that came close and that was going to run me upwards of $500!!! I of course said no thank you to that, figured out the name of the fabric that set used, found said fabric on (WONDERFUL site) and set out to sew my own bedding. 

Michael Miller Baby Zoology Sea

Bumpers were the easiest yet most tedious item I have sewn thus far! I bought a bag of bumper batting Nu-Foam from Joann Fabrics. This runs about $20 but I bought mine with a 40% coupon through their app (you can get on their mailing list for these too) which brought the price down to roughly $12, not bad!

The directions for sewing the bumpers is provided in the bumper batting, very straight forward. The only part of the whole process that was a pain was sewing the ties... There are 6 bumpers, and each bumper requires four ties, 24 total. I was reading a blog where a mother suggested using some sort of ribbon rather than making all the ties. Initially I didn't think making the ties would be that tedious: cut thin strips of fabric, press, and stitch. I took her suggestion at first and planned on picking up a cotton ribbon until I calculated that that would cost me over $50 just for the RIBBON! Since one of the reasons why I was motivated to sew my own bumpers was too keep the cost low, I vetoed spending $50 on ribbon. 

After spending many many hours cutting, pressing, and stitching up thin strips of fabric I concluded that it was almost a toss up between spending the time on the tedious task and spending the money...

Once all ties were pressed I straight stitched down just the long side where the opening was. Once the ties were sewn the rest of the process went extremely quick! The directions do not include directions on how to pipe the cushions. Next time, if I choose to make bumpers again, I'm going to google a piping tutorial to give the bumpers a more finished look.

All in all I'm very please with the final product. After purchasing batting and fabric the bumpers came to be roughly $35-$45 in cost.

Hey look! A little teaser above the crib, the map art! :)


  1. how many yards of each fabric did you need for the bumpers??

  2. I don't remember, sorry. All that information (which I followed) was on the back of the pads shown above and purchased at JoAnns.


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