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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coat One, Primer!

Despite what Chris was told by Graco and what he read, we decided that we would go ahead and "risk" it. The people at Sherwin Williams and a friend of ours who paints for a living didn't see it to be a problem as long as Chris cleaned out the machine well. 

Look at the white primer! These pictures looks totally innocent and harmless doesn't it? It's not... Before I could take this photo I endured much coughing and gaging. While Chris sprayed the primer wearing a very nice ventilating mask I sat upstairs in our air-conditioned (this preggo is having problems with this heat, as in high 60's!) bedroom to avoid the fumes. We knew the house would smell like primer but neither of us expected how severely concentrated the air was with it! After sitting upstairs for a bit I figured I'd just skip on down to the kitchen with the camera to take a couple pictures of the mister doing his thing. I didn't make it halfway down before I was smacked in the face with a headache and unable to breath! Straight out the front door I went! Chris heard me and came running. When he took off his mask he too began to cough! After we both recovered I borrowed the mask for a bit to take a few photos then we went out to eat to allow the house to air out without us present! 

Hmmm, paint dust. We're hoping it doesn't stick... So far it appears to just wipe up like doesn't. No harm yet! 

Chris is hoping to just need one coat of paint! Then we'll be able to unwrap, touch up and spray the cabinet doors! We're getting so close! 

Phase three: Removed all cabinet doors and sanded... apparently I never blogged this. We have been living with an 'open concept' for months!

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