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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week 33 Update

Haven't dehydrated myself again thank goodness! I did manage to actually get a run in since my 27th week update (said I was done running in that post), it was incredible! Though, I highly doubt I am capable of such a thing at this point. To be honest the last couple weeks I haven't even visited the gym due to the end of the school year being so busy and running 100mph on the weekend trying to accomplish the 'to-do' list. 

Our baby boy positioned himself head down the other week. Noticed it by feeling his hiccups low! He's loving scooting those legs and little bum up into my ribs, driving is the worst! I'm starting to feel pregnant everywhere as my body retains more water and swells up. For the last month I have just been wearing my wedding band without my engagement ring and now I cannot comfortably wear either. My everyday foot wear is typically Chacos since I can adjust them to my feet and jeans are just too warm now! Growing up I always complained about my dad's mid-sixties house, I was always teeth clattering cold if I wasn't in thick socks, sweats, and a cozy sweatshirt but now I HAVE to have the house at that temp. Some nights I'm in boxer shorts and a t-shirt still warm and Chris is wearing his shell. Never thought we'd switch roles! Sleeping is a very delicate operation. That cat now needs to sleep outside of the bedroom, the humidifier on high, overhead fan on, air conditioner set to 66'. I feel like I always need to go to the bathroom but actually do not need to. My tummy is beginning the rolling motion and I have been able to start identifying limbs when exploring my belly! We've managed to acquire some of the big ticket items (family car, stroller, car seat, pack-n-play, crib/crib mattress), the nursery molding/trim is finished, and I've sown a sheet. 

We cannot believe that we'll be full term in 4 weeks and at due date in 7! We've started refinishing a dresser and that should be done this weekend, in the market for the rocker/glider for the nursery, discussing how to organize the closet, and need to decide how to place the wall art for the nursery. On top of all this Christopher hopes to finish (and start, we really haven't done much yet...) the kitchen! Wow. In the end baby is going to come no matter how ready we feel like we are and the truth is, everything will be fine. 

I haven't had any strange cravings at all during this experience. Chris has been rather disappointed in this. I really REALLY like watermelon but I'm pretty picky about it. We've bought 2 whole watermelons that I 'couldn't' eat, yet had to have watermelon. My crazy cleaning/nesting episodes are becoming more frequent and I'm extremely sensitive to how 'put together' our house appears and feels. 

I cannot believe how far my belly is pushing out! From my view it just doesn't look quite as large as from a profile view. We have an all day birth basics class next month, finally decided I should start to learn what this whole birth and post birth thing is going to look like! Next week I also being my once-a-week doctor appointments. Feels like a sprint to the end! 

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