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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Map Art

Remember that rather large map we purchased in anticipation to use it as wall art in the nursery? Well, that time has come! I'll have to admit, it was very hard to bite the bullet and go all-in on this craft adventure, cutting up that map was SO hard!

Originally I shopped around for a long time trying to find the best deal on all matching same sized frames but even with the cheapest I found it was rather expensive... In the end I Goodwill-ed it and painted the frames! I like how they are all slightly different. (The decorative frame in the right corner of the previous picture is actually for a mirror I bought bought at Goodwill too! Still deciding the fate of this one!)

Can't show you them displayed on the wall because they aren't there yet! I was originally going to wait until the frames were hanging on the wall to share our map art but I couldn't help myself! Hopefully in the next couple weeks we'll have all our nursery furniture ready to go so I can begin the decorating!

Stay tuned for some antique dictionary wall art!

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