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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day in Kindergarten

I'll be honest, at any grade level Father's Day has always been tricky. Even as a student I didn't quite enjoy the Father's Day gifts we made, mainly because I felt as if they were irrelevant. For example, one year we made briefcase cards with business tools inside, my dad was a construction worker... Many Father's Day gifts incorporate a tie of sorts and though they are completely adorable, I don't feel like they target a big enough audience. Where I live there are many Navy families and single mom families. Much like my childhood, a tie themed gift just didn't sound appropriate.

For father's day in our class the gift was stormed up in our classroom. We sat down at the carpet and talked about who we had in our life that we really loved. From there we talked about what they would do for those people in their life. It was sweet to hear their hearts offering to do dishes, yard work, even tuck that person in to bed and read him/her a bedtime story. One student even said he'd help with video games. After storming our list I compiled them into a 'acts of love' coupon book. Today we talked about how Father's Day is this Saturday and that though they can give this gift to anyone they love in their life, this might be a good gift for Dad.

Wish I had some pictures of the books they colored but we were too busy today! Below you will find a link to the PDF of our book! It opens with a note and provides a space for your student to draw a picture of him/her with their loved one!

Here is a sample from the book, 4 out of the 12 pages!

Hope you enjoy it as much as my class did!

Father's Day Coupon Book! <------- CLICK!

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