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Monday, June 4, 2012

31 Weeks! Nursery and Baby Gear!

Wow! It feels like the home stretch at this point! We have been extremely busy with our lives at work and home! List of "necessities" have been created as well as "to-do" lists recording what we would like to have done before August!

Christopher has been working incredibly hard on the nursery! He dove into crown molding for the first time on his new miter saw! Cutting and fitting crown molding is a touch finicky. Here's a few things he learned from his experience that he found helpful for future crown modeling cutting and installment:

 You envision the base of the miter saw as your ceiling and the fence of the miter saw as the wall, cutting the piece of crown molding upside-down and backwards. You want to make sure that the back of the crown molding is flush against the base and the fence, just as it would be installed in the room. For measuring, you want to measure how far out on the ceiling and how far down on the wall the piece of molding is supposed to fit. For our molding it was 2.5" away from the wall and 3.5" down from the ceiling. This will held with correctly fitting corners. Mentioning corners, measure to see if your corners create a 90' angle, if so adjust saw to cut at a 45' miter. If corners are at a different angle, cut your piece at your measure angle divided by 2. Use a brad nailer with 2" long brads (so you don't worry about going straight into the ceiling or straight into the wall and still know you'll 'hit something') to attach crown molding to wall/ceiling, placing one brad roughly every 2' or where necessary depending on how straight your wall is. 

(Don't know what the nursery looked like before? Click HERE! You'll notice that we even painted the door!) 

All that is left with the trim and molding is paint touch up and caulking! Like the closet in the guest room we removed the doors... They seem to be over-rated in our house these days (yes, still no cabinet doors put back into place in our kitchen, that project is on the previously mentioned 'to-do' list). Rather than just using the standard closet dowel for hanging clothes we wanted to utilize the space more productively. This means built in shelving/cubbies and multiple levels of hanging rods! We haven't designed anything yet but here are our inspirations!

The third photo with all the built in cubbies is what I'm liking the most right now! Of course the final say comes down to my handy builder because he knows what will work best for our closet and our budget! 

We've been so blessed with the gifts that are starting to rolling in! And today we made a couple of purchases of our own at REI! 

We are now the proud owners of BOB Revolution SE Stroller and an Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier for hiking! Chris is thoroughly impressed with both products. Some of our favorite specs about the stroller is the control for suspension (this will be handy when bumping the stroller up and down many flights of stairs in Japan), the swivel front wheel that can be put into the lock position for jogging, and the easy breakdown! What we like about the hiking carrier is the built in sunscreen, detachable backpack, built in water storage and fit/comfort! In the summers we really enjoy camping/hiking and we don't want having a child to completely interfere with those activities which is why we felt it very important to invest in such a hiking carrier!

As far as pregnancy goes I had some horrible leg scares a couple weeks ago which wound up just being the result of drinking coffee three days in a row.... I've read that caffeine can induce leg cramps but it slipped my mind when I was having horrible leg pains in the top of the back of my thighs! I was convinced I was getting varicose (which still might happen) and of course it resulted in many spirals of emotions for no reason. Two days after the caffeine intake I was fine. He's getting at my ribs more and found my lungs over the weekend. The way I explained this sensation to Chris was by saying, "you know that terrible feeling you get after eating WAY to much like sometimes at Thanksgiving? Where it is hard to breath? Well, that's how I feel however I am also hungry..." He's getting so big that I can actually now easily find him by poking at my belly. He's even typically seen when I lay on my back! The poor guy had a pretty bad case of the hiccups the other night which seemed to bother him, boy was he squirming around when they started!

Feel caught up? I hope so! I only have 15 teaching days left at school... I can hardly believe it! Schools going to be over in a blink and then there will be a baby! Wow, what an adventure we are living!


  1. You will LOVE the BOB stroller! I don't have one, but a lot of my friends do and everyone says they're the best. Actually, like 90% of parents with small children and babies in San Luis Obispo have one because they originated here so it's the "it" baby item to have.

    Also, the three pictures of nursery closets shocked me until I realized they were your "nursery inspiration," not actually your nursery. I was like, holy moly this girl is so organized! how does she have like 3 baby closets already built and filled with stuff?! :)

    Enjoy the home stretch!! The waiting is so worth it!

    1. They seem very versatile, which is exactly something we need... Everyday use to extreme traveling! Also like how they are sold by REI, a lot of comfort in spending that much money at a reputable place: really good about returns and satisfaction!

      Haha! Oh my goodness I wish I was that organized! I want to say, 'that organized already' but lets face it, organization is not my strong suit! :)


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