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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 27~ Last Week of the Second Trimester

The second trimester has not been all that I was "expecting." I guess my problem was that I went into it with expectations. My doctor used a great analogy to explain pregnancy to me a couple weeks ago, "It's like boggle, all you know is that every time it is going to be scrambled." In other words, there really is no way to really know what is going to happen and what wont happen. He made it clear to also point out that if we choose to have a second pregnancy (and we are again blessed with one), there is a high chance that the second time around is going to be nothing like this experience. I've also learned that the explanation to a lot of what I experience is hormones. It's kinda like when in Sunday school as a child every answer to every questions was 'JESUS!' Same concept, yes there are details and tangents to go off on to grasp better understand but boiled down there is the one answer...

Since my last update a few weeks ago a few things have happened worth sharing. I've learned that the amount of water that I think is a lot is not what my body now deems as excessive hydration. I wound up making myself terribly dehydrated a couple weeks ago. On a Saturday my legs started to feel funny, on Sunday I couldn't barely stand for more than a couple minutes before my legs felt as if they were going to give out or charlie horse from the bottom of my foot to my tush! Then, come Monday I went to work feeling a little off but by the time school started my mind felt scrambled, I was disorientated and more or less checked out. My principal and staff really came to my rescue by moving around subs and one teacher working through her overload off time (bless her!) to get my class covered so I could leave. I really had not a clue what was happening to me, I just figured that since I was sick I needed to get electrolytes. I somehow managed to drive to Safeway (took the back road) and bought some Gatorade, but when I left the store I had not a clue where I was or where I was going! I started to just sort of walk and I found a red truck which then reminded me I had a red truck and needed to drive home. I thought the first red truck was mine but it wasn't. Fortunately when I turned around I saw another one, walked towards it and it was mine! After laying in bed for several hours pumping fluids into my body I felt like I had returned to myself. It was at this point that I realized I had been dehydrated...

This last week I also learned that I need to do less jogging and more walking and swimming. I've never considered myself a running but I do enjoy putting in a few miles a couple times a week on the track. Last week after just a quarter of a mile I had some serious pain on the right side of my bump, I'm assuming I pulled/tweaked/strained a ligament or something. I tried walking it off for another quarter of a mile but that didn't work... Called Chris and went home. I'm loving swimming though, I feel so light and free! It's such a freeing feeling to just glide through the water without feeling stress of my baby bump on my weak knees and ankles.

Baby Gabriel is becoming more noticeably active. Some of his movements make me giggle because of how strange and awkward of a sensation they create! Makes me so curious to know what exactly he is doing in there!

Speaking of giggly, those silly hormones have been causing quite the spike in happiness! I've always been sort of a giggler when it comes to laughing but my giggle has morphed into what Christopher explains as the perfect child's giggle. And then of course once I start I cannot stop. He than catches it and we spend countless minutes laughing and giggling until we are teary-eyed and cannot breath.

We're counting down the days now, which is exciting but is sorta creating a sense of urgency to get ready. I know we'll get there and that once school is over I'll have more time (though probably less energy...) to devote to preparing our home for the arrival of or blessed little one.

Thank you for your continued sweet words and prayers. Though things are not always peachy we know that God is greater and that this child is a blessing gifted to us and for that we are extremely joyful.

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  1. Lena...
    I just so enjoy reading your blog and vicariously experiencing your pregnancy along with you. You are such a lovely and wonderful woman and writer! You and Chris are truly blessed! So glad you are ok now and healthier!!!


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