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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nursery Update!

I don't mean to keep you out of the loop on all our house updating and revamping projects it's just that there really has not been much in way of sharing. We have started so many projects throughout or house on top of our everyday lives that our little house adventures have not been moving along as fast as we intended...

As I have briefly mentioned before, the nursery was originally the office/craft/storage room and then it became the craft/storage room. Though it was the craft room I never did many of my crafts in it, it was embarrassingly just a space I tossed my craft materials and projects when I needed to get them out of sight...

What the nursery room looked like when we bought the house....
How the room looked when we first "moved in."

Hey look! You can see some floor! 

Oops... filled up the floor again. 

Got rid of the desk and added a table, and sewing machine! 

Hutch is gone! Well, moved to the other room. 


Testing colors! 

Learned I can't pour paint in a tray.... 

Chris painted the ceiling when he got home! 

Look at all that trim! Chris using his paint sprayer for the first time! 

Goodbye orange trim gone! 

Updated trim! Too bad the compressor accidentally broke... only have 1/2 the trim up...
Well there you have it. Here is the current state of our nursery. I'm in the process collecting and creating the nursery art as well as making final decisions on furniture. I'm having difficulty finding bedding that I'm in love with. I discovered a great website where you can customize some awesome bedding, BUT I'm not willing to pay upwards of $600 for Gabriel's nursery sheets, bumpers, skirt, and quilt. Love him, however we can do many other things with that lump of cash. Thus I am positive I'll be venturing into sewing my own bedding! 93 days and counting.

Here's a link to our original nursery inspirations! ----> CLICK! 

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