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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flower Arrangement Change-Up

In honor of Mother's day Christopher surprised me with a bouquet of flowers! Now, it never occurred to me that this Mother's day would be a day for me too since I am not technically a mother yet but I've been surprised with sweet greetings and cards from family, friends, and strangers! Today is a lovely celebration of what is to come. 

Now, with a bouquet of flowers I typically clip them and place all flowers into one of my many vases, however a new idea crossed my mind. You might have noticed through random pictures that I have a tad of an obsession with milk bud vases. My mother has recently been feeding my addiction through picking them up here and there at thrift stores. Last weekend she came and visited and gifted me with 9 of them! Two immediately made their way to the mantel while the remaining seven sat clustered on the dinning room table waiting for a purpose/placement. Flowers, multitude of bud vases, hmmmm. 

One at a time I removed the flowers from the bouquet already in its vase, re-clipped them and re-placed them into the white vases! Totally loving this new arrangement! 

Happy Mother's Day! 

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! I thought of you today. You're totally a mom! You just haven't quite met your kid, yet (but you're physically closest you'll ever be!) =)


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