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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Whether boy or girl we had our minds set on a travel/literacy themed nursery to go along with our love of travel and books! However, learning our recent news that bun is a boy has surfaced a lot of other fun ideas! My sister-in-law recently pinned a rug on Pinterest covered in robots! I have loved drawing robots since being inspired by my sweet friend Mo's robot door decks my sophomore your of college when we were RAs together... But how do I make it all flow together?! I asked my husband this and as he shrugged and shook his head he said, "It's a boys room, it doesn't much matter." My brother-in-law however filled me in that THE Star Wars themed alphabet boarder would do the trick. And here begins the adventure of raising a boy! :)

Click on the image to find the source! 

Loving the letter art! Elephants are my second favorite animal as well. I hope to play around with the word giraffe to do the same thing! 

Floor to ceiling books! And boy do I have a huge library of children's books to create this with! Love displaying the cover of children's books rather than having them neatly in a shelf.

The colors in this room are so cheery! I love bright colors but have been rather tame with the rest of the house for longevity but I am giving myself some extra freedom with the nursery. 

A map wall, a must in some form or shape! 

I just love the creativity of using Ikea spice racks as books shelves on a skinny wall. #spacesaver 

This is on sale for $10 on Etsy! I actually most likely will purchase this! Shop owner says you can contact her about colors or a different size. Listed size is 11"x 14". 

Oh how I love letters! 

On sale for $24 on Etsy. Animals fit into a travel theme right? They are from all around the world. 

On sale for $32 on Etsy. I want to embrace complete boy-ness in this nursery somehow and I love this! However, with aiming to be thrifty utilizing a small budget I think I'll recreate it my way rather than making the purchase. Comes in a big range of colors though which is awesome! 

I've been wondering how to even begin making/collecting all the letters for a alphabet wall. Looks like on Etsy someone tried to offer up the solution for $225! I don't think that's a high number for such great nursery art without having to do any of the work but I enjoy the crafting so I think I'll stick to scavenging. 

On sale for $36 on Etsy. I completely adore this! Darn my frugalness! Another future DIY. 

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  1. How exciting! A boy! :)

    I just stumbled upon this, too: some GREAT ideas, looks like you could do a number of them as DIYs. I love the 3D lego map!!


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