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Monday, April 2, 2012

Room Transitions and Creative Spaces

When we moved into our house we designated that one of our spare bedrooms would be the office/craft room while the other would be our guest room. Over the last year the guest room has been a guest room however the office/craft room has been more like a craft/storage/stash room... Organizing all my crafting odds and ends has always been one of the hardest things for me to keep up with, mainly because I hold onto many things I probably do not need, i.e. scrap pieces of paper from as far back as middle school... but I'll use them!...

When we found out Gabe was on the way I knew we needed to get creative because I couldn't choose between keeping the guest room or keeping the craft room, both are necessary! We started with deciding that we didn't need a queen in our guest room, though it is nice to have such accommodations, when thinking about how often we have guests over in a year's time it just isn't practical. Fortunately we were able to sell the queen bed set on craigslist for our purchase price! The queen will be replaced with a twin.

Goal: Incorporate craft room into the guest room in an un-overwhelming and uncluttered way.

Inspiration: {click on picture to view source}

I was thinking that we'd just add a curtain rail above the door way but I look that look of these curtains using the existing door rail.

Wow! The extra space on the back side of the doors would be very helpful! However, do not think our space is quilt big enough to be able to swing open doors if I'm going to have my sewing table in the room too.

Very clean and simple. I wonder how difficult it would be for Chris to add a light into the closet? 

This is more realistic as to what my space will look like for now... Eventually I'll get around to painting it but painting priority goes to the nursery at this point! 


My second push to use the closet as my main organized crafting space is to not have a spare closet available for storage, forcing us to be intentional about what we feel necessary to hold on to and what we should part with. For us, this is something that reinforces and reminds us that we are not of this world and do not need everything. 

Do you have any creative spaces? What area have you repurposed? 


  1. I like the realistic space, it looks the most user friendly.

    In other news I'm giving you a fun little blog award!

  2. Love all these! Thanks for your nice comment on my craft closet :) Good luck with the baby! I have a Gabriel too :)

    Lina @fancy frugal life


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